Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest. Interior decorating by Nick Olsen.

Matthew Benjamin Steel is a second generation cabinet maker who grew up in the Yorkshire Dales where he spent Summers working in his father's workshop and learned how to play the guitar. His music career took off first, bringing him to America to tour with his bands Your Vegas and The Chevin. During their downtime, in between touring, releasing two albums, and performing on David Letterman and Conan O'Brian, he set up Built By Steel and began making custom pieces of furniture fortop interior decorators like Nick Olsen. Once the tour wrapped up, he moved his workshop to Brooklyn, NY and has continued making custom fine furniture and built in cabinetry for homeowners and decorators. Matthew lives in Lower Manhattan with his wife, daughter and cat and in his spare time can be found sharpening his chisels.